Why It’s Important For News Organizations to Show Their Corrections

As  coverage of the presidential race enters the final stretch, CJR Editor Kyle Pope and our resident management guru Jill Geisler look at leaders who lie, social media missteps, and fact-checking the fact-checkers.

Kyle: Lying, and the media’s role in calling it out, has become a theme, oddly enough, of this presidential campaign. What about closer to home? Is it ever OK to lie as a manager, whether it’s a motivational compliment that’s somewhat exaggerated or a less-than-whole description of the state of the budget when it comes time for raises? Is there such a thing as a little white lie at work?

Jill: Here’s the reality of newsroom leadership: Good journalists come equipped with built-in b.s. detectors. As skeptics, they already presume managers occasionally inflate their praise and may keep some business or personnel info quiet. What they won’t tolerate are management trust-busters like these:

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