Witcover Letter Discusses Dismissal from ‘Sun’

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By: E&P Staff

Columnist Jules Witcover — in a letter posted this morning on Poynter.org’s Romenesko site — talked about the Iraq War, his firing from The Sun of Baltimore, and his need for a new job.

Witcover wrote: “I have now received nearly 250 e-mails from Baltimore and online readers around the country protesting the Sun’s decision to drop my column after 24 years. Many of them have concluded or asked whether that action was because of my opposition to the Bush war policy that pre-dated the invasion of Iraq and continues to today. I have never made that accusation and do not believe it to be true. Editorial Page Editor Dianne Donovan rightly notes that the Sun editorially also has opposed the war, though perhaps not as vigorously nor frequently as I have in the column.”

He added: “Nevertheless, the decision does deprive me of a considerable audience in a major city market for my observations on the war. That fact spurs me to seek a new home base for the column, one that will tolerate my view that the war was a colossal mistake from the start and has disintegrated into a calamity, damaging not only the people of Iraq but the international reputation of this country, not to mention the terrible cost in American lives and treasure.”

Witcover (E&P Online, Aug. 19 and 23) is syndicated by Tribune Media Services.

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