With Its Maker Week, The New York Times is Trying to Foster Teamwork and, Possibly, New Products

News organization stylebooks had a good long run living only as spiral-ring notebooks. But they’ve all gone online in some way or another. Andrei Kallaur, The New York Times’ creative director of news products, first began working to make his paper’s stylebook more accessible to Times journalists in 2013 when he helped build an iOS app version of the document, which highlights the Times’ standards and grammatical rules.

Two years later, he began to think about how the guide could be better adapted to staffers’ device usage, and began to outline a responsive web app version of the style guide. “I considered the importance of search, ease of use, and of course, typographic elegance,” Kallaur wrote in a post describing the process. “I designed a desktop version, tablet version and phone version, all maintaining the same functionality.”

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