With Latest Release, Readmore Systems Offers 6 Months Free to New Customers with Newspapers

By: E&P Staff

ReadMore Systems Inc., Cookeville, Tenn., developer of a hosted online newspaper and news site publishing system, has launched its latest software version, and said it will provide the system free to new customers for six months if they have existing community newspapers, even if they already are online.

Since beginning work on its online news publishing system in early 2005, ReadMore CEO and Nashville lawyer Joseph Edwards said in a statement, “we have served about 20 online newspapers, and we have listened to their suggestions and requests.” He said that among the most frequent requests was the ability to control a news site’s appearance without paying for different templates.

“Our customers can now create and modify their own templates,” Edwards said. “To our knowledge, no other online news publishing system provides this function. And our customers don’t have to learn any programming skills.”

The software now also has new revenue centers. Customers can now have multiple polls active at the same time and can sell ads to display in the poll and in poll reports.

Another new feature designed for extra ad income is the mouse-over pop-up, a content box that can be created to display information about a link on which a user is about to click – a store-finder, particular retailer, product, sale or special.

“Acutely aware… that community newspapers usually don’t have huge resources to pay for Internet technology and trained staff,” says Edwards, Readmore’s system enables them to publish online economically without adding staff, while providing “different ways to make money focusing on local advertisers.”

A community newspaper can take its publication online for as little as one hundred dollars per month using ReadMore’s publishing system and hosting on its servers, according to the company.

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