Woodward Calls Cheney a ‘Serious’ Dark Horse for 2008 Run for White House

By: E&P Staff

A trial balloon for a Cheney for President run in 2008 is being launched by a surprising source, Washington Post star reporter (and White House insider) Bob Woodward.

Appearing on Chris Matthews’ NBC talk show on Sunday, Woodward labeled Vice President Cheney ?a serious dark horse candidate.? He said that with “a number of people” going for the GOP nomination, ?a guy named George Bush might come out and say ?What about Dick??”

Woodward observed that “there’s a serious vacuum right now,” with Senators Frist, Brownback, and Allen leading the field, some say.

There may be a precedent for this. Cheney, who was put in charge of finding a suitable VP candidate in 2000, ended up getting the nod himself.

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