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Subscribers Can Save, Send Story Links From Site, the paid-subscription site of The Wall Street
Journal, has announced it will add some of Clickability’s
tools to the Web site. will feature Clickability’s “Save This” and “E-mail This”
tools so users can save or send links to Journal stories
that appear on the site. The “Save This” feature allows visitors
to store links to stories and organize them into personalized
Web-based folders. This feature also allows users to access
articles in their folders from any Web-enabled mobile device.

The “E-mail This” feature allows subscribers to send story links,
accompanied by personal messages, to both subscribers and
non-subscribers. This is the first application that allows
subscribers to send stories to non-subscribers.

“ benefits from the reporting and aggregate user
information supplied by Clickability, allowing to offer
additional inventory to advertisers,” said Neil Budde, editor and
publisher of

Clickability, based in San Francisco, will present with
monthly data reports tracking the aggregate viewing and pass-
along habits of its subscribers.

The company provides the same services to E&P Online.

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