‘WSJ’ Obama Economic Reports Planned

By: Joe Strupp

The Wall Street Journal is not only joining most other major dailies with special sections on Barack Obama?s inauguration, but is planning two later reports focused on his initial impact on the economy.

“The new President will take office at a time of economic and political upheaval. There is no doubt that Government is playing a more important role in the national debate and it is crucial that the implications of that role be understood,” Robert Thomson, Journal managing editor and editor-in-chief of Dow Jones & Company said in a release. “The Journal will chronicle this crucial phase in U.S. history with unrivaled objectivity, depth and style. Anyone who does not read the Journal will, by definition, be badly briefed.”

The first two special sections will be published Jan. 20th and 21st to cover the Inauguration.

The next two, focused on the economy, will be:

* The Obama Agenda. ?To be published in February, pegged to the release of the federal budget when the new administration formally presents its agenda to the world. The budget is full of mysterious numbers, but the Journal’s team of reporters around the country will provide their powerful insight on what these numbers really mean. Who are the winners and losers in government and business? At a time of crisis on so many fronts, what are the new administration’s priorities — which fires is it going to put out first? All this will be crucial for any reader and businessperson to understand at a time of so much uncertainty.?

* The First 100 Days. Thursday, May 7 ? ?The Journal will apply its insightful reporting to the first 100 days of the Obama administration and its impact on global economy and business.?

In addition, the paper is planning extended coverage at www.wsj.com/inauguration.

“These special Journal Reports mark a historic transition of power in the U.S. and advertisers will be able to reach our influential readers in an editorial product that showcases insightful reporting about the Obama administration’s historic transition to power and its impact on business,” Michael Rooney, Journal chief revenue officer said in a statement.

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