Yahoo, Gawker Media End Deal to Distribute Blog Posts on Portal

By: E&P Staff

Web search giant Yahoo has ended its deal to distribute content from Gawker Media blogs on its portal.

Nick Denton, the founder of Gawker Media announced the move on his personal blog, saying the deal, originally announced in November, didn’t result in the expected jump in traffic.

“A few new readers probably discovered Gawker, or one of the other four sites that we syndicated to Yahoo,” he wrote. “I doubt many of them stayed. Yahoo has a mass audience; Gawker appeals to a peculiarly coastal, geeky and freaky demographic. And these people are more likely to come to our sites through word of mouth, or blog links, or search engine results, or Digg, not because of a traditional content syndication deal.”

Denton said that the decision did not have to do with Yahoo’s announcement yesterday of a steep tumble in earnings, but admitted that the web company was probably not particularly amused by Gawker site Valleywag’s “persecution” of top executive Lloyd Braun.

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