YOUR NIGHTLY AUDIO: Back by Popular Demand — Irate Reader Sets New ‘Over the Top’ Record

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By: E&P Staff

Every newspaper gets it: feedback from readers who want to dispute their coverage or their spelling or their style or the wrongness of a particular crossword puzzle answer. Some comes in the form of irate emails (here at E&P we get our fair share of those), or scathing missives banged out on ancient typewriters and sent by mail. And some, of course, comes in the form of telephone calls.

This week, the San Francisco Chronicle decided to share, via an online podcast, an entertaining bit of feedback it got from a reader who, for some reason, was deeply deeply upset by the redundancy in an article that referred to “pilotless drone” aircraft. Normally this would be the kind of rant that only those in the newsroom could chuckle about, but thanks to the power of that amazing so-called “InterWeb,” we can bring it to you tonight.

To listen to the 1:53 minute audio podcast, click here.

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