YOUR NIGHTLY ‘E&P’ VIDEO: Neil Young Revisits the Days of ‘Shock and Awe’ and ‘Mission Accomplished’

By: E&P Staff

Whether you are still at the office trying to meet a late deadline, or merely working/relaxing/wasting time at home, we thought you might enjoy a little break every night with a short video. So watch this space every night or early morning. We will post music videos but also some newsy or comedy stuff. You can send along your own picks to the e-mail address below — and please let us know if you like this new feature.

Our latest offering (following yesterday?s hip-hop parody of “Citizen Kane”) is timed to the release of this week’s Iraq Study Group and the reflections and uproar that have followed. It’s the video, filled with vintage Iraq war news footage, for Neil Young’s recent song, “Show and Awe,” off his “Living With War” album released earlier this year (now due in DVD form).

Of course, the crawl counting U.S. casualties needs to be updated, unfortunately.

Click here to watch.

And yesterday’s pimpin’ with Charles Foster Kane:

Click here to watch.

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