YOUR NIGHTLY VIDEO: Baghdad Through the Eyes of Young Iraqis

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By: E&P Staff

While television footage of the Iraq war on the nightly news is generally an endless reel of suicide bombings, shootings, crying families, and military operations, the news we see doesn’t tell the whole picture. As everywhere — even under the constant threat of violence — there are still young people in Baghdad playing rock music, laughing at family dinners, and studying to be dentists.

These four extraordinary clips released by the online video project “Hometown Baghdad” this week are just the first few in a series the group made in an attempt to document how young people continue trying to construct a frame of normalcy in their lives while their country is in turmoil around them.

Clip One: “Forbidden Salad

Clip Two: “The Dentist

Clip Three: “Brains on Campus

Clip Four: “Powerless

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