YOUR NIGHTLY VIDEO: For MLK Day — ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ With Sam Cooke & Bob Dylan

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By: Greg Mitchell

In my not so humble opinion, “A Change Is Gonna Come” is the most powerful song of our time and, as previously stated in this space, its author, Sam Cooke, was also our greatest singer.

Unfortunately, there are no videos of Sam, or Otis Redding, for that matter, performing it available online, if anywhere. YouTube has a Bob Dylan version, filmed at the Apollo Theatre (see below).

Now, before you laugh — Bob Dylan singing Sam Cooke at the Apollo??? — keep this in mind: Dylan inspired this song. Sam Cooke, before he died in 1964, said that Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind” had humbled him. He felt embarrassed that a white boy had written that civil rights anthem, so he set his sights on penning his own — and easily topped it.

Little known fact: Until recent decades, few heard the key “I go to the movies” passage. That’s because it was stripped from the single for being a little too uppity for ’64.

Actually, the most memorable version I’ve ever seen and heard was by a do-wop group on a dark street in the French Quarter in New Orleans a few months before Katrina hit. Believe me, they knew the “go to the movies” break.

Here’s a clip with Sam singing over a montage of Black History images.

Click here to watch.


And here’s the Dylan version:

Click here to watch.

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