YOUR NIGHTLY VIDEO: Orson Welles — As ‘Citizen Kane’ — Thinks It Would Be ‘Fun’ to Run a Newspaper

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By: Greg Mitchell

Whether you are still at the office trying to meet a late deadline, or merely working/relaxing/wasting time at home, we thought you might enjoy a little break every night with a short video. So watch this space every night or early morning. We will post music videos but also some newsy or comedy stuff. You can send along your own picks to the e-mail address below, and various E&P staffers will also make their own picks.

Our latest offering (following Leonard Cohen/U2, a Springsteen rarity, a Beatles rarity, and others) is a clip from one of the most celebrated films of all time, “Citizen Kane.”

In the Orson Welles classic, Charles Foster Kane (modeled on William Randolph Hearst) takes over the “New York Inquirer” because the young mogul thinks “it would be fun to run a newspaper.” He immediately sets off in the grand tabloid tradition to print wild gossip and launch populist crusades — one of which runs directly counter to his own interests as a businessman.

Click here to watch.


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