YOUR NIGHTLY VIDEO: When Ford Became President — Rare Footage of Nixon Minutes Before He Announced Resignation

By: Greg Mitchell

If you’ve never watched it before (and you probably have), surely over the next few days you will get to see at least a few seconds of the TV speech President Richard M. Nixon gave that night in August, 1974, when he finally announced he would resign, handing over the reins to Gerald R. Ford.

But what was the notoriously moody and bitter (and maybe, by then, a little crazed) Nixon like just before he went on the air?

Footage of Nixon at the White House, sitting before the cameras, two minutes before he went live that night, has surfaced — and we present this thoroughly amazing bit of history to you now. We find Nixon in a seemingly relaxed, jocular, mood, even cracking a joke to a photographer in advising him to quit taking pictures: “I’m afraid you’ll catch me picking my nose.” Ah, a class act to the end.

Click here to watch.


From last night: A tribute to James Brown.

Click here to watch.

And for good measure, here’s an explosive rendition of “Sex Machine” filmed at the Olympia in Paris:

Click here to watch.

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