YOUR NIGHTLY VIDEOS: Newspaper Ads From Around the World

By: E&P Staff

A couple of months ago we gave you a selection of some television advertisements for newspapers for the nightly video, and tonight we’ve found a few more good ones from around the globe that are worth a look:

In this ad, from the Ziarul Financiar in Bucharest, Romania, a flirty woman at a caf? learns that there are some things men value more than “digits.”

This one, about an older man’s longtime relationship with his newspaper is from The Times of India’s “Day in the Life” campaign.

Newsrooms may be manic, but the Sun-Herald of Sydney, Australia, presents itself in a decidedly zen manner in this ad.

Nothing makes you think “newspaper” more than hot young people partying by a pool, right? The Daily Times of Pakistan seems to think so.

A child in this one doesn’t recognize his father without the French paper L’Equipe in front of his face.



Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. star as SF Chron reporters in the new film “Zodiac.”.

A trailer for “The Quiet American,” the very good recent film starring Michael Caine as foreign correspondent Fowler in Vietnam of the 1950s..

President Rush Limbaugh? Veep Ann Coulter?.

Special preview of the great Richard Thompson’s forthcoming antiwar song..

Fox’s answer to “The Daily Show,” with a conservative edge. It’s called “The 1/2 Hour News Hour.”.

Robert Novak blows his stack — at longtime partner, Rowland Evans..

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