Bina Venkataraman Named Boston Globe Opinion Page Editor

The Boston Globe announced today that starting in November, Bina Venkataraman will assume leadership for the Editorial Board and will be named the Editorial Page Editor.

The Boston Globe Editorial Board is one of the strongest and most vibrant editorial boards in the country,” said Boston Globe’s Managing Director, Linda Henry. “We tackle big issues in bold ways as well as subtle and everyday challenges. We thoughtfully look for ways to advocate, to progress, and to help others use their voices to inform and inspire others. We are thrilled and fortunate to add Bina’s perspective and leadership to our board.”

Currently, Bina Venkataraman is an MIT lecturer, a fellow at New America and the director of Global Policy Initiatives at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. She previously was a journalist for The New York Times and The Boston Globe, and served as senior adviser for climate change innovation in the Obama White House. Venkataraman is an alumna of Brown University and the Harvard Kennedy School. She is the author of The Optimist’s Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age (just released by Riverhead Books.)

“The Globe Opinion section has the opportunity to feature more of the voices and perspectives that hail from the many Bostons that exist today. We have the chance to reflect the richness of this region’s vibrant neighborhoods and cultures, its world-class thinkers and community activists, its history-keepers and technology trailblazers.  I’d like to see The Boston Globe amplify these diverse voices of our city and better showcase Boston’s groundbreaking ideas and knowledge, while holding our leaders and institutions accountable for meeting high expectations for public service. The Editorial Board will be looking for ways to rejuvenate and reinvent our editorial content to meet our readers where they are, while upholding the robust journalistic values of fairness and tough truth-telling that are the Globe’s hallmarks and legacy.   As we approach 2020, I believe we have an enormous responsibility to be arbiters of credible and level-headed political discourse, and to help our readers navigate the political landscape to make informed decisions.  I am energized by the challenge, and by the opportunity to steward the newspaper’s great tradition of Opinion writing and to build upon the trust and confidence that Globe readers place in the Editorial Board’s judgment in this new chapter.”

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