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Good comment, and right on the message, but a little simplistic. Well over a half-century ago, Management expert Henry Mintzberg noted that, for most managers, the pressures of the job lead to a multi-tiered struggle between dealing and doing, linking and leading, and communicating and controlling, often at the same time. The most focused manager will find him/herself caught in a relentless struggle to keep a multiplicity of stakeholders happy, including readers, advertisers, employees, and various external forces, from other department heads to publishing group executives and community advocates and government regulators. In fact, as Mintzberger noted, even the most organized managers have less than 20 minutes a day with which to organize themselves, let alone the activities of subordinates. While it is true that managers need to escape the trap of doing rather than directing, we can only sympathize with those managers who, for the sake of speed, find themselves leading by doing.

From: Are you managing or doing?

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