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>>...“Focus not only on the impacts that are already happening in our community but tell stories about what people are doing about it. That’s what audiences are really most interested in...<<

Actually, the audience is not really interested in either of these options. The simple fact is that climate is not a local news story. Local reporters cover events. Interpreting those events as to whether they validate a particular scientific construct, or support a social or political agenda is outside the scope of local reporting. Fire in an apartment building is not the starting point for a discussion of fire safety regulations. A heat wave is not a starting point for a discussion about drought.

Reporting local news means sticking to the facts, and just the facts...and as many as possible. The idea that it is somehow the local reporters' job to advocate for this or any other social/political cause is what is dooming journalism's credibility with the readers/viewers. Let columnists and politicians make the "big picture" pronouncements and bend the facts to fit their narrative. It's what they are paid for. The local reporter is paid to relate only what is demonstrably so, and only to the extent it is demonstrably so. Nothing more, ever.

From: Climate reporting is just 'warming up' as the news publishing industry invests more in data, reporters and partnerships

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