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I don't know what's more loathsome - Reed's apparent assumption that the rest of us are stupid and, as such, believe his mind-numbing BS or the incompetence he has revealed these last few years to date. I am an independent community newspaper owner who has watched Reed and his painfully sycophantic board, not to mention former sidekicks (clowns) like Kirk Davis, literally destroy the newspaper business from the inside out. Gannett is a corporate cannibal that sadly taints the rest of the industry despite how hard those of us not associated with Gannett attempt to stay clear of the backlash/backsplash. Reed, like most insecure politicians in America today, is so bloated with obnoxious spin that he cannot see straight - spin that seems to have no depth to which Reed is willing to take it. To suggest, as an example, that a news source of any kind can still deliver quality, local, and pertinent content after the journalists actually performing such important roles are sent packing is not only absurd, it is deeply offensive.

What will always amaze me is that, just as the attribute of trust can take a lifetime to build and a split second to destroy, Reed and his gang have destroyed what once was the elite leader of the newspaper world in a comparative, proportionate matter of time.

It's time for Reed and the rest to either shut up, put up, or give up. Truth is, the real stars of Gannett, including the hundreds who have been let go, don't believe a word coming out of McClean, Va. and neither does anyone else with even a single brain cell. The only ones believing such garbage are those who hang out in Reed's echo chamber, an echo chamber getting exponentially more insignificant by the day.

Don't doubt that.

From: The good news and bad news about Gannett

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