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This is really inspiring. Thank you, Ralph Nader. But the reality of running a good and worthy local newspaper remains a week-in, week-out slog, regardless of ownership (independent or group) or structure (non-profit or for-profit), and it is nearly impossible to sustain in the long run without truly creative approaches (new partnerships, new paths for original content, clear and sustained government support of a local/municipal news apparatus and absolute support of legal notices). Think of it. Success in media is about scale. (Massive scale, massive revenues.) But success in local news is about durable focus, clarity, and expertise on just a handful of markets that are (or should be) within reach of you and your readers. That's the opposite of scale. Strong newspapers build trust, community, and a sense of belonging. We all know the revenue model is broken. And my dearest hope is that enough local newspapers—especially rural ones—will survive to benefit from new, emerging models that promise actual sustainability.

From: The Winsted Citizen: Ralph Nader’s gift to his hometown

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