107th Annual AEJMC Conference | Aug. 8-11

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Make plans to join AEJMC August 8-11 in Philadelphia, PA, at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown for the 2024 Conference. Pre-conference day will be Wednesday, Aug. 7. Be prepared to attend excellent sessions, informative workshops, activities and exciting socials. Each day will be an opportunity to learn from colleagues and absorb knowledge about the industry.

A Message From the AEJMC President...

Linda Aldoory

Linda Aldoory, American University
2023-24 AEJMC President

Why should you attend the AEJMC 2024 Conference? 
  1. Renowned Keynote Speaker! And now for something a little bit different as an AEJMC keynote speaker... Wajahat Ali, recognized journalist, actor, comedian, and Daily Beast columnist. Ali is author of the book, Go Back to Where You Came From, and other helpful recommendations on becoming American, and co-host of the “Democracy-ish” podcast.
  2. New Theme! Theme for the Conference is Representation and Voice — The Future of Democracy. Submit your research and join the conversations that contribute to a better future AEJMC.
  3. New Programming! Meet the leadership; combined plenaries; more awards; free time in the day to meet your friends; and panels relevant to your life as an academic and practitioner.

We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia!


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