A judge ordered Mississippi Today to turn over privileged documents. The paper is appealing to the Mississippi Supreme Court.


A judge ordered our newsroom to turn over privileged documents regarding our Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporting. We’re appealing it to the Mississippi Supreme Court. In a state with such little government accountability, Mississippians routinely learn about the actions of their public officials only because of journalism like ours. If this court order is upheld, every Mississippian would stand to lose a fuller understanding of how some leaders truly operate when their doors are closed and they think no one is watching.

Mississippi Today took an extraordinary step [last week] in asking the state Supreme Court to overturn a lower court order that threatens the constitutional rights and privacy of journalists and every Mississippi citizen.

Given this matter of grave constitutional concern and the critical decision our state’s highest court must soon make, I want to be transparent with you, our reader, about what’s going on and what’s at stake.

In July 2023, former Gov. Phil Bryant sued our newsroom and our CEO Mary Margaret White, arguing that we defamed him in three separate characterizations of our 2022 Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Backchannel” investigation. We continue to confidently defend ourselves against a lawsuit we believe has no legal basis.

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