AdImpact: Radio to see $381M of a record-breaking political haul


AdImpact forecasts that political ad expenditures during the 2024 election cycle could reach an impressive $10.7 billion, marking a 19% increase from the 2020 cycle.

AdImpact reported tracking more than 7,400 distinct political TV ads, surpassing the numbers seen at the same point in 2022 by 700 and in 2020 by 2,600.

According to AdImpact’s latest Political Projections Report released Monday, approximately half of the total amount, estimated at $5.35 billion, will be allocated to broadcast television ads. The report also estimates $1.9 billion for cable television, $1.5 billion for Connected TV (CTV), $381 million for radio, $309 million for network cable and $102 million for satellite advertising.

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