America's Newspapers and Southern Newspapers to honor editorial page excellence

First-place carries a cash prize of $2,000; second-place winners will receive $1,000 (in each of two circulation brackets)


America's Newspapers will recognize editorial page excellence at its annual meeting this fall, with the presentation of the 2022 Carmage Walls Commentary Prize.  This contest is open to members of America's Newspapers.

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The prize is named for the late Benjamin Carmage Walls whose newspaper career spanned seven decades. Walls primarily owned community newspapers and advocated strong, courageous and positive editorial page leadership. His friends and associates funded the cost of the awards for the first 10 years. Southern Newspapers, Inc. — led by Lissa Walls Cribb, his daughter, CEO of Southern Newspapers — has been underwriting the cost of the awards since then.

In announcing the return of this annual award, which previously was presented by the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, Walls said: "My father, Carmage Walls, believed a newspaper was a semi-public trust which should reflect and serve its community by providing constructive criticism and positive leadership. 

"Central to providing that leadership are local editorial pages. Editorial pages that are relevant, insightful and engaging should be the 'town hall' for a community and serve a role that no other institution or organization can.

"It takes courage and commitment by talented and resourceful editors and writers to shine a light on their community and offer praise when earned and constructively criticize when necessary."

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