Announcing the 2022 inaugural class of “E&P’s Creative Visionaries"

Celebrate the creative talent behind the news!


Announcing the 2022 inaugural class of “E&P’s Creative Visionaries,” our salute to the creative directors, graphic artists and multimedia designers. They bring storytelling to life, curating captivating images, informative graphics, copy, and increasingly, video and audio. Their talents for communicating the news in visually intriguing but effective ways are integral to a news organization’s success today. 

Nominate your candidate below.

We mustn’t overlook the talented professionals who work outside of the newsroom, as well, who artfully create advertisements and sponsored content for multiplatform distribution.

They deserve our gratitude and E&P’s tribute. 

We welcome your nominations for colleagues who have been instrumental in the news organization’s creative vision, who are accomplished designers and exhibit a pattern of leadership and innovation. 

Help us salute the 2002 class of “E&P Creative Visionaries.” Nominations close at midnight (EDT) on Monday August 29, 2022. 


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