Behind-the-scenes videos of Tucker Carlson were leaked. Was it a crime?


In the days after Tucker Carlson’s abrupt firing from Fox News, a stream of unauthorized, behind-the-scenes videos appeared, showing the conservative pundit grousing about a variety of subjects and making uncouth remarks. In one, Carlson blasted Fox colleagues who cite their preferred gender pronouns; in another, he smirkingly asked an on-set makeup artist if “pillow fights ever break out” in the women’s restroom.

The videos were published by Media Matters for America, a left-leaning media watchdog group, but their origin was a mystery — and at a time when Carlson and Fox were embarking on a battle over the terms of his exit, speculation ran rampant. Carlson’s media allies accused Fox of leaking them; the network denied it and sent Media Matters a heated cease-and-desist letter.

Now, though, the revelation of a federal investigation into the videos suggests a new theory: Instead of a leak operation, were the videos hacked?

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