CNET is overhauling its AI policy and updating past stories


In a memo, CNET outlines how it could use AI systems in its journalism in the future. The policy promises that no stories will be entirely produced by an AI tool.

Months after news broke that tech outlet CNET had quietly begun producing articles with generative AI systems, the site is clarifying how it will — and won’t — use the tools in the future.

Among its promises: stories will not be written entirely using an AI tool, and hands-on reviews and testing of products will be done by humans. CNET will also not publish images and videos generated using AI “as of now.” But the outlet says it will “explore leveraging” AI tools to sort and analyze data and to create outlines for stories, analyze existing text, and generate explanatory content. The in-house tool CNET is using is called Responsible AI Machine Partner, or RAMP, according to the memo.

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