Fewer radio stations run less local news


The latest RTDNA/Newhouse School at Syracuse University Survey found that, overall, 64.2% of all radio stations in the Survey report running local news: 66.5% of AM stations and 63.3% of FM stations. Those numbers are all down from last year — down 4 points overall from a year ago. FM stations dropped 3 points, but AM stations fell by almost 7.

Overall, 65% of commercial stations run local news in this year’s Survey. That’s nearly identical to last year’s 66.2%. A year ago, we saw a 10-point drop in non-commercial stations running local news. This year, the percentage of non-commercial stations running local news fell another 2 points — down to 60.7%. We don’t know why there’s been a drop in local news at non-commercial stations. This year’s numbers back up the idea that last year’s drop was neither a fluke nor a survey anomaly.

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