For print newspapers, one Florida retirement community is a better market than Atlanta, St. Louis or Portland


The Villages Daily Sun is located in a metro area of 129,752 people. But it sells more print copies on an average weekday than the:

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (metro population: 2,053,232)
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2,657,149)
  • Charlotte Observer (2,822,352)
  • The (Baltimore) Sun (2,844,510)
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch (2,909,003)
  • The (Portland) Oregonian (3,280,736) or
  • The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer (3,633,962)

Or take an even bigger market: Atlanta, the 10th largest metro area in America, with a metro population of 6,930,423. On an average weekday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution sells 49,243 print newspapers. The Villages Daily Sun sells 49,183.

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  • publisherstar

    Not only is the Villages Daily News an excellent read with a stunning design, their $88 per year subscription fee is a fraction of what most daily newspapers can afford to charge.


    Tuesday, June 28 Report this

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