John Thomas, who spent more than 50 years with The Boston Globe, has died at age 83


"Our hearts are not big enough to hold all the love we have for you." With these words, we said our goodbye on Oct. 1 to a husband and father whose love for his family was boundless.

Second to family was his devotion to The Boston Globe where he spent more than 50 years as reporter, editor, columnist, TV critic and ombudsman with The Boston Globe, though he preferred the title, writer. It is long form journalism that mattered most to him. Whether living on the streets of Boston during a cold winter in order to humanize those who are homeless, creating lyrical profiles of his heroes such as Julia Child, Dave McKenna, Charlie Austin, David McCord, Willie Pep, Bennie Wiley or Margaret Chase Smith, or writing stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, Jack brought to his craft a level of detail that made the readers feel they too were there. After a terminal cancer diagnosis, Jack sat down and wrote his final piece for The Boston Globe Magazine, which garnered response from all over the country and beyond.

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