Journexx to launch final test phase next week, with market launch scheduled for Q1 2023


On Tuesday, Oct. 18, the trading platform for journalism — Journexx — is launching its final test phase before opening its doors to the entire publishing industry. Journexx allows newspapers, magazine and online publishers from all over the world to offer their content on a global marketplace.

“Journexx is like a commodity exchange for the hottest commodity on the planet: Quality content,” explains Co-Founder and CEO Axel Breuer. Any publisher who needs a great story from another country can now easily search and find content from local suppliers on Journexx, offering a new revenue stream for big and small publishers.

“The current model in publishing can be compared to the author of Harry Potter books, JK Rowling, selling books only in her home town — not a successful business model,” says Breuer. “If you have published a great story you should not be confined to your distribution region — you should be able to sell it everywhere. If you need a great story about a Nobel Prize winner that is not available for interview — why not buy an existing story from a science magazine in another country? If you need an article about a school shooting, why not get it from the local newspaper?”

Journexx is designed as a platform that makes it easy, convenient and smart to sell content to other publishers. The platform provides data about current content trends, offers automatic translation and even calculates the ideal price for every article in the database.

For the current test phase, Journexx has selected a group of publishers from the U.S., Spain and Germany to check the design and features and refine them for market launch. According to the World Association of News Publishers, there more than 70,000 publications. They will soon be able to use Journexx to sell and buy content, increase their revenue and produce great stories for a content-hungry world. Publishers from 11 countries are currently in the process of onboarding. The startup has been featured at the WAN-IFRA Changemakers Program and many others.

Publishers can register on Journexx at:
Registering and using Journexx is free at all times.

Journexx was founded in Berlin in 2022 by Axel Breuer, Franko Melisch, Andrej Becker and Felix Seeberg. It is part of the German Accelerator MediaTech Hub Accelerator in Potsdam near Berlin and currently in a pre-seed founding phase.

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