Kathleen Vance, a long-time newspaper advertising executive, died July 9


Kathleen (Kitty) Vance, a long-time newspaper advertising executive of more than 35 years, died July 9 in Annapolis, Maryland. She was 77.

Vance started her career at The Baltimore Sun. This began what turned into a coast-to-coast newspaper experience. She worked at newspapers in Chicago, Illinois; St.Louis, Missouri; Los Angeles, California; several cities in New Jersey and the Baltimore/Washington area. She was also an executive at the Newspaper Advertising Bureau. She also started and operated The Vance Group that specialized in advertising sales training. The Vance Group worked with publications in the United States, Mexico and various cities in South America.

Vance loved working with people, customers and those she worked with. She was an unselfish manager who loved sharing her skills with others. She loved to travel with her husband, Bill and her daughter, Karen, both of whom predeceased her.