Kevin Kamen again chosen by Forbes to assist in valuing media tycoons

Kamen chosen for 10th straight year to assist with determining the definitive ranking of the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans within the multi-media sector


For the tenth consecutive year, Kevin Kamen, founder and CEO of New York-based Kamen & Co Group Services, LLC, a multi-media valuation, accounting and brokerage firm, has been selected to assist the wealth reporters at FORBES as they determine the financial value of the Richest Americans within the multi-media sphere.

Chase Peterson-Withorn, the editor for Forbes, personally reached out to Kamen and thanked him for all his help in analyzing, calculating and forecasting the wealth of specific media billionaires.

He wrote, “Thanks again for all your help, Kevin. It’s always so nice when expert sources like you are willing to help out and teach our journalists a thing or two!”

Forbes wealth reporter Jemima McEvoy on Aug. 8, also wrote Kamen, stating, “You’re amazing! Thank you so much for your help!”

The Forbes 400 listing is scheduled to be published in late September/October and the significant contributions and hard work of Kamen will be acknowledged by Forbes in said article.


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