Legitimate empowers journalism community with innovative AI grants

Supporting journalists with the adoption of ethical AI


Legitimate, a technology company dedicated to supporting journalists and news organizations, is excited to announce three initiatives designed to empower journalists, local newsrooms and journalism schools in the U.S. With a total grant fund of $300,000, Legitimate is helping shape the future of journalism by providing access to cutting-edge AI technology, hands-on training, and ongoing support.

1 - Empowering Future Journalists: Legitimate's Journalism School Grant

Legitimate's Journalism School Grants initiative is designed to support aspiring journalists. With an exclusive one-day in-person training session for two schools and online training sessions for 20 others, students will receive specialized training in generative AI, ethical journalism practices and portfolio development. Each student  will gain access to Legitimate's premium ethical AI tools, enabling them to experiment with the latest technology. The initiative offers ongoing online support, fostering continuous learning.

2 - Legitimate Freelance Journalist AI Empowerment Grant

The Freelance Journalist AI Empowerment Grant, totaling $50,000, is designed to impact upon the workflow of 200 freelance journalists. Grant recipients will receive access to industry-leading ethical AI tools, comprehensive training and technical support. This initiative underscores Legitimate's commitment to the ethical use of AI in journalism, enabling freelance journalists to integrate it seamlessly into their work and use it in an assistive way.

3 - Empowering Local Journalism Grant

Legitimate's Empowering Local Journalism Grant, amounting to $200,000, is dedicated to strengthening local newsrooms. Through comprehensive AI workshops, technical office hours and access to premium AI features, local journalists will receive invaluable support and training. Legitimate aims to democratize AI tools within the  journalism community, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation and impact in local news reporting.

"These initiatives reflect our commitment to fostering the ethical use of AI in journalism, supporting local newsrooms and freelance journalists, and nurturing the next generation of storytellers," said Caoimhe Donnelly, CEO at Legitimate. "We believe in the power of technology to elevate journalism, and through these grants, we aim to empower  journalists with the knowledge and tools they need to make a meaningful impact."

For more information about Legitimate's AI grants and application details, please visit Legitimate's website or contact: Caoimhe Donnelly: caoimhe@legitimate.net

About Legitimate:

Legitimate is a technology company committed to supporting journalists and news organizations. They provide an innovative tool suite, including industry leading ethical AI, which has been extensively tested and refined with journalists all over the world. Their mission is to empower journalists and create a strong, diverse journalist community.


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