E&P 'Business Partner POWERHOUSES' of 2022!

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Now more than ever, news publishers need to be supported by suppliers and vendors that help  create content, build audience, and monetize every eyeball with the best return on investment. An E&P" Business Partner Powerhouse" is a company that takes the time to get to know the challanges of a news media business and becomes a partner who works directly with teams to implement transformational applications, solutions and strategies.

Imagine what our industry would be like without these critical partner companies and their devoted representatives, that truly helps our media businesses win in an ever-increasing competitive marketplaces.

That is why E&P will be featuring companies in the April 2022 edition of Editor and Publisher Magazine, that excels at supplying our industry with the products and services that make us sleep better a night, knowing they have "our backs" every day!

Look for our April 2022 editorial feature: “Business Partner Powerhouses!


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