Opinion | George Santos’ lies evolved and thrived because of neglected newsroom practices

Here are 7 neglected newsroom practices that still matter and might have made a difference.


It’s difficult to crown the liar king because there are so many candidates, beginning with former President Donald Trump, who made some 30,573 false or misleading claims over four years of his presidency. ...

But George Santos takes the crown because of the audacity of his claims and how they evolved due to neglected newsroom practices. ...

What could the media have done to hold Santos and other liars to account?

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  • ATLNewsJimD

    Umm, the lying did not start with Donald Trump. As much as it simplifies things to blame something on him, please keep in mind that our current president was lying about much of his personal history for decades before Trump ever announced his candidacy for anything. From top of the class in law school to being arrested at just about every possible protest he's ever been within a hundred miles of, President Biden was doing that forever before Trump came along. I don't see any of those mentioned in the article? Of course it didn't start with Biden either. "Lyin politician" has been a phrase for just about as long as we've been a Republic.

    Wednesday, March 22 Report this

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