Opinion | Media coverage of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Harrowing video and excellent explanatory journalism helped the world try to comprehend the earthquakes and aftershocks


The numbers are almost impossible to comprehend.

More than 3,500 people, as of Monday evening, have died from the massive earthquakes and aftershocks that struck Turkey and Syria. Two earthquakes measuring 7.8 and 7.5 were followed by aftershocks in frigid winter weather. The impact could be felt as far away as Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

Here is a harrowing video of one of the aftershocks and its aftermath caught on live TV. The sound alone is frightening. According to Reuters, the reporter in the video, Yuksel Akalan, said, “As we were heading to the rubble to (film) search and rescue efforts, there were two consecutive aftershocks with a loud noise, and the building you are seeing on my left was brought down to earth. There was a lot of dust. A local resident is coming and he is covered in dust.”

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