POLITICO’s John Harris on the death of Ben White

Ben White

POLITICO Global editor in chief John Harris wrote the following about business journalist Ben White, who died this weekend at the age of 52:


As many of you heard this afternoon, we learned today that our friend and former colleague Ben White died on Saturday due to complications from ongoing heart issues. This is crushing news, and brings to mind so many memories of Ben’s dedication to journalism, his humor, his pride in his family, his passion for sports, his idealism and his kindness.

Ben was a close friend to many in our newsroom and was deeply admired by countless readers across the nation and around the world. Like us, these readers and many colleagues in newsrooms in Washington and New York are heartbroken by his passing. We hope everyone will take a moment to reflect on and appreciate his contributions to POLITICO and the profession broadly.

In my case, I first met Ben nearly 30 years ago when we were both at the Washington Post. Before becoming a reporter himself, he did a tour as researcher to the legendary political columnist David S. Broder. Within a few years, Ben started crafting his own formidable journalistic reputation.

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