Putin’s brutal war on Ukraine vanishes from news coverage amid raging conflict in Gaza


When was the last time you saw a live television news report from Ukraine? It’s likely been a while.

The raging war in the Middle East has put the prolonged war in Eastern Europe largely on the back burner, in terms of media coverage, with Vladimir Putin’s campaign of brutality against Ukraine receiving much less attention from the press than it did prior to the Israel-Hamas conflict breaking out.

Closed-captioning data from the Internet Television Archive, which was analyzed by the GDELT Project, showed that on cable news, coverage of the Ukraine war plummeted dramatically after Hamas’ shocking Oct. 7 terror attack. In the days before the Israel-Hamas war, the battle in Ukraine amounted to about 8% of CNN’s television coverage. After the attacks, CNN — the cable news network that provided the most Ukraine coverage — fell to under 1%.

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