SCS and Bluefin Technology Partners collaborate to enhance Community Advertising System


SCS is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Bluefin Technology Partners of Andover, Massachusetts, an industry leader in digital classifieds platforms. This collaboration marks an important milestone as SCS incorporates Bluefin's cutting-edge digital classifieds platform into their Community Advertising System (CAS).

The agreement represents a shared vision to revolutionize community advertising and bring advanced, user-friendly technology to our clients and their audiences. By integrating Bluefin's state-of-the-art digital classifieds platform into our Community Advertising System, we aim to deliver unparalleled value and a seamless experience for users looking to buy, sell, or interact within local communities.

Key benefits of the partnership:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Bluefin's platform is known for its intuitive user interface, allowing for effortless navigation and discovery of classifieds listings.
  2. Advanced Features: With Bluefin's innovative features, users can easily filter and search for specific items, leading to more relevant and efficient results.
  3. Mobile Optimization: Bluefin's platform is fully responsive, ensuring an optimal experience across various devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  4. Seamless Integration: The integration of Bluefin's platform into our Community Advertising System is expected to be swift and seamless, ensuring minimal disruption to existing users.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Bluefin Technology Partners in our quest to enhance our Community Advertising System," said Kurt Jackson, managing member/owner at SCS. "By incorporating their industry-leading digital classifieds platform, we are confident that our clients will experience a transformational shift in their advertising capabilities, providing them with an edge in their local markets."

Steve Rosenfeld, managing partner of Bluefin Technology Partners, shared, "Our collaboration with SCS reflects our commitment to driving innovation and delivering top-tier solutions. The integration of our digital classifieds platform with their Community Advertising System will undoubtedly enhance user experiences and open new opportunities for community engagement.”

The first implementation of the integrated solutions was successfully launched at the Cape May County Herald, a prominent publication serving the residents, visitors and business of New Jersey’s Cape May County for over five decades. This initial rollout showcases the immense potential of our combined efforts and sets the stage for further expansions to other markets. Visit the site at

Cape May County's Classifieds

About SCS:

SCS offers an extensive line of publishing-related applications, including Layout-8000™. More than 300 sites producing over 2,000 publications in 10 countries in five languages use SCS mission-critical software every day. SCS also resells award-winning digital asset management software from FotoWare based in Oslo, Norway. SCS is privately owned by Kurt Jackson. You can learn more at

About Bluefin Technology Partners:

Bluefin Technology Partners is a leading provider of digital classifieds platforms in the United States and Canada. With a focus on driving innovation and enhancing user experiences, Bluefin has earned a stellar reputation as a trusted partner for newspapers seeking to elevate their classifieds services. Bluefin is passionate about helping community publishers to empower local advertisers and engage local readers by providing a great user experience. Visit


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