The Washington Post launches 'We the Users' series from tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler


The Washington Post today announced “We the Users,” a new series from Help Desk, The Post’s personal technology destination. “We the Users” will examine a variety of consequential technology issues, including privacy, affordable Internet access, choice and transparency. Written by technology columnist Geoffrey Fowler, the series will highlight how technology continues to shape our lives and will offer solutions to ensure a better technological world.

“When we created Help Desk in September 2021, we wanted to build a destination for all things personal tech that put the user at the forefront,” said Yun-Hee Kim, personal technology editor at The Washington Post. “With this new series, we’ll be able to tackle some of the most significant topics in personal technology that impact everyday life and provide solutions for creating a safer and more transparent technology ecosystem.”

Fowler writes in the introduction for the series: “I’m taking a step back, and talking with people who think deeply about how to protect our interests. It’s just a start, but the outlines of what we — we, the consumers, citizens, parents, workers, patients, friends, voters, creators and more — should demand are beginning to emerge. We the users want privacy, because it’s fundamental to being free. We the users want affordable Internet access, because participation in our digital society is a civil right. We the users want choice, so our future isn’t locked into a handful of mega-companies. We the users want transparency, so we can understand how technology is shaping our lives — and correct course when it goes off the rails.”

The first piece focuses on Instagram, calling for the need for transparency around the use of algorithms. Future “We the Users” installments can be found here.


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