The Washington Post lays off 20 newsroom employees


The Washington Post laid off 20 staffers on Tuesday, the latest in a series of media and technology companies to cut jobs in the face of a challenging economic climate and continuing declines in advertising revenue and readership.

In addition to eliminating those 20 positions, the company will also keep another 30 vacancies unfilled, a figure less extensive than many had expected. In mid-December, publisher Fred Ryan told staff that the company would eliminate a “single-digit percentage” of its 2,500-person staff because it “cannot keep investing resources in initiatives that do not meet our customers’ needs.”

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  • DaryMat

    Go woke go broke. Of course, story doesn't mention bleeding readers because of woefully bias cheerleading for far left causes, while slamming everything else. Along with being the lapdogs for politicians from one party only. Not to mention losing credibility from years of posting fake news stories long proven to have been fabricated for political reasons. Russian Collusion? The layoffs will continue.

    Wednesday, January 25 Report this

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