The Washington Post’s Lede Lab takes readers inside the Tenement Museum in New York City using high-resolution photogrammetry


Lede Lab, a team from The Washington Post dedicated to exploring the use of emerging technologies in storytelling, today launched an interactive 3D model of the Tenement Museum in New York City, enabling readers to embark on a virtual tour of the historic building.

“At The Post we are constantly experimenting with the latest innovative technology to help enrich The Post’s storytelling,” said Jenna Pirog, deputy editor of strategic initiatives. “How 3D immersive spaces can be presented on the web continues to evolve, and this project was a great way to use this tool to let readers see and explore the Tenement Museum space from their homes.”

Creating an immersive experience equipped with audio, Lede Lab utilized high resolution photogrammetry, which is the process of scanning and photographing an object or space and combining all the images, to show the incremental changes made to housing from 1863 to 1935 that helped spur protection from public health and safety issues.

Through a virtual tour guide, the interactive shows how residents lived in apartments more than one hundred years ago with only basic insurance for fire but almost none from disease. Readers can also virtually step into cramped apartment rooms and experience how landlords and tenants grappled with diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera and influenza, and learn how the fear of fire and bad air left indelible marks on building designs and structures.

View the experience here.


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