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Monday July 6, 2020: Home Remodelers #1 Media is Newspapers

According to a  study conducted by The Media Audit, the most likely media for advertisers to use in order to find a person who plans to remodel their home is the printed newspaper. This information is gleaned from The Media Audit’s ongoing  study of the behaviors of U.S. consumers in sixty aggregate markets totaling nearly 60,000 surveyed adults.

The study shows that 6.8% of the average U.S. newspaper audience is planning to remodel their home as opposed to the general market average of 4.8%. After newspapers, the next media used by these consumers is direct mail (5.9%), followed by outdoor advertising (5.8%) and then radio (5.5%).

The same study reveals the demographic profile of the U.S. “Home Remodeler,” includes:

  • 60.2 % are 25-54 years old
  • 68.2% earn more than $50,000 a year
  • 78.6% attended college
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