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Around every corner is a new digital media marketing option: OTT, audio/podcasting, CCT, video, and more. These new marketing technology ideas are awesome, but as salespeople, we often have new marketing solutions dropped on us and we are expected to work our sales magic. more
Cautionary tales have emerged in recent weeks about the inherent risks of entering the local news industry. Poynter recently called out a few of the pain points that new publishers endure, and … more
The most crucial thing a newsroom can have is transparency, balance, accuracy, and practical steps to respond to public concerns and complaints. Newsroom ombudsmen are the channel newsrooms can have to create credibility and two-way communication between the mainstream media and the public. more
Last month, Washingtonian CEO Cathy Merrill wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post originally titled “As a CEO, I want my employees to understand the risks of not returning to work in the office,” where she discussed the disadvantages if employees chose to continue to work from home. more
To say that the relationship between publishers and technology giants has intensified in the last few days, weeks or months is putting it lightly. Regardless of the way forward, the trends, developments and products pouring out of Silicon Valley should have publishers’ undivided attention, says Edward Roussel, Innovation Officer at Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. more
On the day I’m sitting down to write this column, the center story on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer (where I work) is a long enterprise piece exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for struggling workers across the region fighting for stronger work protections. more
It may seem impossible after dealing with the pandemic for so long, but we are finally on the cusp of the world reopening. There’s some variance depending on where you are, your vaccination rates, and other important factors, but the overall trend is that we're certainly inching closer to a post-pandemic world. more
All research points to a buying bump that is set to occur soon. We are seeing citizens getting back to some level of normalcy. Many buying habits will soon come back into play. Yet, our advertisers are still throwing us the same COVID-based objections. Do they not want to get back to business? Why is it so hard for them to grasp that advertising starts the process to get customers back in the door? more
We all know how the news media business model has been disrupted, with Google and Facebook sweeping up vast shares of online advertising revenue, leaving everyone else to fight for the scraps, … more
Over my years in the news media industry, I have often been accused of not being a traditional thinker and spending too much time outside the proverbial box of traditional ideas and strategies. I will confess I take this accusation as a badge of honor and must ask, “How are those traditional ideas working for us these days?” more
Like it or not, the idea that “all politics is local'' is no longer reality. Instead, local government has been poisoned by the toxic political environment once confined at the state and … more
Alexi McCammond’s resignation is a missed opportunity to encourage growth and change. While McCammond’s past tweets are completely unacceptable, it is not right to allow things she said in 2011 to end her career, one which is focused on uplifting people. By apologizing for her words and actively addressing the harm that was caused, McCammond and Teen Vogue would promote the idea that change is possible. more
The vultures are circling again. In February, Tribune Publishing agreed to be acquired by Alden Global Capital, the New York City hedge fund, in a deal worth $630 million. Based in Chicago, Tribune Publishing owns The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun; the Hartford (Conn.) Courant; the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel... more
After more than 12 months of getting by in a pandemic, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all learned a lot. We’ve all but made it through one of the biggest business disruptions in contemporary history, and that has required a lot of adaptation and flexibility from all of us. more
When asked what the most critical component of their business model is, I believe most news media executives will indicate that their audience is what sets them apart. That makes perfect sense as our audience is the foundation upon which all other aspects such as advertising (both traditional and digital), editorial, events and so forth rest upon... more
In 2009, the former editor-in-chief at Thomson Reuters David Schlesinger described journalism as one of the great self-declared professions. He wrote, “I am a journalist because I said I was one more than two decades ago and have spent the years since working on my abilities..." more
Facebook already serves as a news source for more than half of all Americans. But some communities solely rely on Facebook and other social media platforms for local information because no nearby … more
Even in the age of social media, The New York Times boasted a few years back that they receive hundreds of letters a day, spread across the gamut of society, all addressed to the same person: “To the Editor.” Newspapers have been publishing letters to the editors for nearly 300 years, allowing readers a safe space to vent and opine about the news of the day. more
Objection handling is a skill that every media salesperson must master. Amidst selling during this global pandemic, objection handling has taken a little bit of a different twist. Having worked with almost 30,000 salespeople around the globe, I would say that objection handling is a skill that most salespeople think they have mastered, but most fail when they are put on the spot. more
This is a situation best handled on a case-by-case basis by the editors of the newsroom. They are in the best position to know the importance and relation of a crime story to their community. Crime stories about minors, minor crimes and victimless crimes such as drug possession are cases where it may be appropriate to unpublish or modify the articles to conceal the identity of the defendant. more
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