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In 2009, the former editor-in-chief at Thomson Reuters David Schlesinger described journalism as one of the great self-declared professions. He wrote, “I am a journalist because I said I was one more than two decades ago and have spent the years since working on my abilities..." more
Facebook already serves as a news source for more than half of all Americans. But some communities solely rely on Facebook and other social media platforms for local information because no nearby … more
Even in the age of social media, The New York Times boasted a few years back that they receive hundreds of letters a day, spread across the gamut of society, all addressed to the same person: “To the Editor.” Newspapers have been publishing letters to the editors for nearly 300 years, allowing readers a safe space to vent and opine about the news of the day. more
Objection handling is a skill that every media salesperson must master. Amidst selling during this global pandemic, objection handling has taken a little bit of a different twist. Having worked with almost 30,000 salespeople around the globe, I would say that objection handling is a skill that most salespeople think they have mastered, but most fail when they are put on the spot. more
This is a situation best handled on a case-by-case basis by the editors of the newsroom. They are in the best position to know the importance and relation of a crime story to their community. Crime stories about minors, minor crimes and victimless crimes such as drug possession are cases where it may be appropriate to unpublish or modify the articles to conceal the identity of the defendant. more
As we reach the one-year mark of when the coronavirus was declared a national emergency, we’ve also arrived at the point where some of us are recalling some very painful memories. more
All journalists hate their publishers. I am exaggerating to make a point, but there is some truth to journalists having a general distrust for the “business side,” and for resisting … more
Donald Trump is no longer the president, and gone with him are some of the journalistic headaches that came with the most powerful man on Earth freely lying as easily and often as he blinked. Unfortunately, a majority of Republicans in Congress often went along with Trump’s lies, even going so far as to vote to throw out legitimate election results in two states... more
If you’re a fan of “The Office,” then you’re familiar with the actor John Krasinski who played Jim Halpert on the show for nine seasons. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March last year, Krasinski launched a popular YouTube series called “Some Good News..." more
Recently, I was reminiscing about a question I heard years ago at an industry event by a media executive who was inquiring about how one would purchase a small or mid-sized newspaper. Media analyst and speaker Jim Chisholm said without hesitation, “Just buy a large metro newspaper and wait a few years.” He probably didn’t understand just how prophetic he was at the time. more
For-profit or nonprofit? That is the question lately in the journalism industry. Nonprofit news sites have played a vital role in filling news gaps where legacy newspapers have been sold, closed … more
Public policy debates over consumer privacy and platform liability will feature prominently in 2021. Some are even hopeful that policymakers can reach bipartisan agreement on solutions. These are two important issues that I want to explore. However, I wonder if they aren’t the byproduct of a bigger problem. more
What do the years 1990, 2001, 2007 and 2019 all have in common? They represent technical recessions in America when we had to reinvent our sales game and adjust for the circumstance. So, why does the era of selling amidst COVID feel so different?  more
No, I don’t believe identifying or asking readers to identify rioters was appropriate. However, my issue is almost entirely with the latter of the two. I consider myself a centrist, but regardless of political orientation, I’m viewing this question from the standpoint of the purpose of the media in general. more
I recently had lunch with a friend of mine who’s an architect, and in our conversation about our lives, he told me that before he shows a client a first draft of his work, he gives them a disclaimer: “This is not the house you need. It’s the house you thought you wanted.” more
The former president of the United States called us “fake news” and the “enemy of the people.” Talk radio hosts falsely parrot claims of “liberal media bias.” Right-wing media figures have flooded the public square with misinformation on everything from the outcome of the election to the effectiveness of wearing a face mask. more
Congratulations. You’ve started your year and the 2021 budget is officially in full swing. Bet it’s going just how you planned it, right? You put time and research into crafting your budget, you make educated assumptions, and you put in the work to get ready for the new year. more
As I work with media companies and their communities, there is a term I like to use called “Economic Gardening.” In the community transformation and revitalization world, this simply means to work at nurturing and cultivating your current communitywide assets in lieu of buying new assets. more
Be careful what you wish for. As I write this column, former President Donald Trump has been indefinitely banned from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit and Pinterest. “Finally!” many people probably thought when they heard the news. Sadly, all it took was a riot at the Capitol building led by his supporters... more
There’s a famous saying that “All politics Is local.” As politics has become nationalized and even local candidates are now being forced to follow or defend the pronouncements of … more
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