50 years ago . . .NEWSPAPERDOM?

By: Lucia Moses from Editor & Publisher, Feb 26, 1949

The Post Office Department asks Congress to raise second-class rates by $75 million next year and $50 million more in 1951. The proposal would eliminate the 1.5? per pound rate and replace it with a zoned rate structure. Smaller papers would be hit hardest, says Cranston Williams, general manager of the American Newspaper Publishers Association.

The Asheville (N.C.) Citizen-Times moves to speed up delivery by overhauling the mailroom, the "neglected stepchild" of newspapers, says the B.B. Humphries. Improvements include a Jampol conveyor table linking the mailroom to loading docks, a scale built into the floor to reduce lifting, and a four-year apprenticeship program for developing skilled workers.
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