Rob Tornoe is an award-winning editorial cartoonist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR and, among others. He currently is a reporter and cartoonist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Since 2010 has been a caroonist and columinst/ contributor for Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P).

E&P Exclusives
An ambitious research project by The Pivot Fund is focused on the Great Lake states. The project aims to better understand the news landscape in the region and help identify news and information sources that have specifically earned the trust of communities of color. Pivot began its Midwest survey in Minnesota in early 2024, and it should be completed this month. The project also includes news ecosystem studies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois.
Scripps News has launched the disinformation desk, which is focused on exposing disinformation and how it spreads — not just in politics but also in news. Liz Landers, former chief political correspondent for Vice News, is the network's lead disinformation correspondent and spoke to Editor & Publisher about the role and the team’s mission.
If we were to tell you that more people have VR headsets in the U.S. than those who subscribe to a newspaper — print and digital subscriptions combined — would you consider it a viable new frontier? The reality is extended reality (XR) — the catch-all term encompassing virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality — has slowly grown under the radar. 
Whether local media was asleep at the wheel, too small to compete with the digital giants or thought their kingdoms were unassailable, the share of obtainable local ad dollars available continues to dwindle. Nonetheless, there are some strategies we can initiate today, to regain some of that revenue.
Industry News
Former FOX Business host Lou Dobbs has died at the age of 78.
CNBC is dropping its effort to draw viewers to nighttime financial news programming, as it has canceled "Last Call" from its lineup, effective immediately.
ESPN will have 10 reporters on location in Paris, with many others working remotely to cover the games; learn how ESPN works within video rights restrictions.
In recent weeks, tens of millions of people, thirsty for information, have turned to news organizations for coverage of the consequential CNN presidential debate and its aftermath, the attempted assassination of Trump and the Republican National Convention.
After time away from the spotlight, the right-wing host is increasingly welcomed by Trump’s inner circle. He also made a surprise visit to Fox’s convention studio.
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