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The Rent-a-Pressman (RAP) program dispatches pressmen to newspapers, large commercial printers and other operations who need them in a pinch. It’s a growing offering for imPRESSions, headquartered in Burlington, Washington. Among the presses the imPRESSions team has run are Baker Perkins, Hantscho, Goss Community, Goss Urbanite, Goss Sunday, DGM 440 and Heidelberg Mercury.
With print diminishing, are newspaper companies looking to press retrofits and upgrades these days rather than buying a new press? E&P put that question to QIPC-EAE and DCOS Automation, both of whom do press component upgrades in the U.S., among other services and solutions.
Printing equipment manufacturer Heidelberg is bolstering its push for apprentices in the U.S. The call for new talent comes as many U.S. companies struggle to find workers, and the country saw record employee quit rates in recent months.  
Today, the cost of every resource seems to be increasing in the newspaper industry. Now, more than ever, it is essential for the industry to come together to form unique solutions. One of those increasing costs comes from the United States Postal Service. However, even with their constant rate increases, postal delivery can be a bargain!
At one time or other, everyone in the newspaper printing industry experiences sleepless nights worrying about running low on paper, plates, ink or one of the many consumables necessary for daily operation. Here's some advice on the transportation woes and labor shortages that compound supply-chain issues for pressrooms.
It appears the United States Postal Service (USPS) is jumping on the bandwagon, adding one more financial and operational burden to newspapers nationwide. Effective Aug. 29, the Postal Regulatory Commission approved raising rates for newspapers to 9%. The National Newspaper Association (NNA) and News Media Alliance pushed back on these increases.
There’s no shortage of leadership and can-do spirit in newspaper production departments and printing plants around the country. That’s what the industry revealed to the International Newspaper Group (ING) and Editor & Publisher (E&P), co-sponsors of the 2021 Operations All-Stars Awards, which this year received four times the number of nominations compared to the previous year.
Our relationships with external printing customers should be a partnership, with both sides benefiting. We must provide customers with quality reproduction, reliability and fair pricing. At the same time, our customers must understand that our expenses continue to rise, and as a result, we need to occasionally adjust pricing to remain competitive.
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Mail delivery of local newspapers is a hot topic in some corners of the industry. It also needs to be part of the conversation around saving local journalism, most of which is still done by newspapers.
The printing and packaging of all Wisconsin newspapers produced at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel facility in West Milwaukee will be moved to the printing plant at the Peoria Journal Star in Illinois.
The Peninsula Daily News will be delivered to every subscriber every publication day starting at the end of the month. It will be by mail.
A shortage of truckers and blockade bottlenecks have put a crimp on newsprint deliveries to the nation’s newspapers.
Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: Shifting from a print-first publishing workflow to a digital-first process helps create and encourage an audience-first philosophy in newsrooms.
In this article, read how Sun Times publisher Darryl L. Flowers is wrapping up work to acquire a press and return newspaper production to the Electric City.
Ogden Newspapers has decided to close Press Works Ink, the company that did the printing for Nevada News Group. None of the publications are closing or changing in any material way.
Recently, Heidelberg hired Jeff Powalisz as director of PMC Atlanta to oversee its demo room operations. With a combined 22 years of experience at Heidelberg, Powalisz will manage daily customer demonstrations, training and testing in the demo room.
Jim Falzone, an accomplished newspaper executive, has been promoted to vice president of production for CNHI, LLC, the company announced Monday.
The Cleveland Jewish Publication Company, publisher of the Cleveland Jewish News, announced Dec. 21 that it has reached an agreement with the Jewish Community Board of Akron to publish a new Akron Jewish News, a monthly newspaper to serve the Akron Jewish community.
The MPC Board of Directors met this fall and reviewed our status. We determined that it was unrealistic to continue to hold conferences from both a financial and participation point of view. Unfortunately, we have decided to dissolve our MPC nonprofit organization.