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Know your peaks; play your valleys

Despite so many tumultuous years and scrutiny, the great thing about news media is that it’s still relatively predictable, especially regarding sales planning and forecasting. Here are are a few suggestions for kickstarting your year.

Lessons for 'Selling with a Servant Heart'

Even as the world of commerce changes, sales remains one of the solid pillars for every size and type of business. In his new book, “Selling with a Servant Heart: Ten Lessons on the Path to Joy and Increased Income,” Jim Doyle helps salespeople and sales managers evolve from a “peddler to a partner.”

Sales supernovas

Our inaugural class of 15 Sales Superstars stand out in their ability to stand up against today's challenging times, stay focused and get the job done for their customers, their communities and the companies they represent. With extreme appreciation and celebration, we introduce E&P's first class of Sales Superstars.           
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Harness the power of gratitude

Your sales organization is about to embark on a brand-new year in 2022, full of opportunities and the promise of re-acclimation to normalcy, but perhaps with greater expectations. Your team needs to feel your gratitude for what they’ve endured before they can reengage with the sales strategy, goals and objectives to come.

Newspapers have unique advantages to attract more political ad dollars

Newspapers have many opportunities to deliver an audience to political advertising campaigns. First, however, they need a better understanding of how the mechanics of political ad spending work, which types of campaigns will benefit from newspaper advertising and how to study demographic insights in context.

White paper offers revenue ideas for publishers: 50 Ways to Make Media Pay

A white paper from What's New in Publishing offers inspiration and affirmation for the revenue strategies that publishers around the world are pursuing. Written by Damian Radcliffe, the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism at the University of Oregon, this report highlights some of the most common, popular and emerging ideas for income generation. The report is available for free download.

The Media Sales Institute: Helping create more diverse sales teams

An intense, 10-day media sales and operations training program is preparing its graduates for immediate advertising and operations sales jobs with major broadcast media companies. And, through its partnership with the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Foundation and the National Association of Broadcasters, it's helping to bring diversity to the media workforce.

The art of the ask

I think of sales calls in two ways, like a marathon or a great story. Both require a strong start and a remarkable ending. Still, the time between the start and finish is equally as important, and how we conduct the sales call, from beginning to end, influences the outcome — how receptive the customer is to your offer.

Study: Percentage of newspapers with separate digital sales teams jumps from 5.8% to 19.8%

The newspaper seller position is still a strong career choice, according to the results of the annual 2021 Newspaper Sales Compensation Study co-sponsored by Editor & Publisher and America's Newspapers. The survey shows that more newspapers are utilizing separate sales staffs for digital and the average size of sales teams remained relatively constant.

Borrell's latest study reveals bad and good news on local ad spending

Borrell Associates’ Q3 study shows some "signs of trouble" for SMB ad spending. But encouraging news on their acceptance of the proposed Local Journalism Sustainability Act (LJSA).

Self-Care and Sales

Mental health is a very important subject for us to discuss as it relates to our work and our sales. Please understand that I am not a clinically trained therapist in any way shape or form, but I do hold an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation. My intention of this column is to try to provide inspiration to those of you that might have found yourself in a sales rut or mentally fatigued at work or in life as we're getting back to some level of normal sales business across America.

Practicing Real World Remedies to the Pains Your Advertisers Face

Every single sales call with an advertiser is valuable. So valuable that you do not want to waste time asking questions that will not help you close the deal. After 30 years of selling and marketing media, I find that you have three to five questions and that is about it on every sales call.

Eight Ideas to Capture Digital Marketing with Success

Around every corner is a new digital media marketing option: OTT, audio/podcasting, CCT, video, and more. These new marketing technology ideas are awesome, but as salespeople, we often have new marketing solutions dropped on us and we are expected to work our sales magic.
Industry News on Revenue
Newspapers of various sizes across the country have discovered a proactive program of organizing and hosting events and sponsorships. As a result, they’ve increased revenues, created opportunities for local businesses to engage with organizations and the public differently and strengthened the perception of newspapers as the leading supporter and voice of their communities.
In another effort to promote transparency in the modern day media-buying process, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has announced a new initiative that will include an "in-depth study of the programmatic media-buying ecosystem."
Media executive Kristin Heitmann has been named senior vice president and chief revenue officer of The Associated Press, responsible for all of the news agency’s revenue functions globally.
The report, free to download, is an essential read for publishers beginning the long road to recovery from the pandemic.
Not only has NewsMatch brought investment and awareness about the importance of community support for local news, but it’s also helped train newsrooms, so they can run fundraising campaigns all year long.
"It is a pity that market analysts are not really covering Lee. Hence, we don't have a lot of information about Lee's future revenue. With that, I don't think that we need a lot of forecasts because the company's revenue line appears quite stable."
As brands get their marketing back on track post-pandemic, marketers say in-housing media is taking priority. And they want more help from agencies to achieve it.